No truer words were ever spoken.


Take your daughter to Work Day

When I was a kid I always wanted to participate in the “Bring your daughter to work day”, day. I recall always hoping my dad would ask me to join him on his construction site. I never got to go….and look at me now, I can’t seem to get away from them. Who would have thought.

Was this a form of reverse psychology dad??

My cupkeiki gets lots of time on our jobsites. She’s a regular, she loves it (most of the time) we love it (most of the time) and it’s a great learning experience for a lot of life lessons, such as: avoid hitting body parts while swinging a hammer, ladders can cause pain, sometimes dirt gets in your eye, many liquid materials do not wash out or off, the bobcat provides ample opportunities to practice one’s fight or flight skills and construction trash is a great source of imaginative treasure…just to name a few.

Today my keiki woke up and said “I don’t think I should go to school today”. A slight fever, ear aches, tummy ache, runny nose and headache were listed. I agreed to keeping her out, and signed her up for my own “Bring your daughter to work day” experience. I brought her to our warm cozy office and after an hour and some Tylenol, she fell asleep under the desk. She’s lightly snoring, Dora the Explorer is playing in the background and my heart is content.

As maybe you’ve discovered lately, things are changing here at mycupkeiki. I don’t have tons of shared crafts to post, I don’t have a ton of mama posts about figuring things out. That’s because she’s different. She needs me in a whole new way, gone are the diapers, the nursing and her toddler ways. So the blog must change, and that’s awesome. Hopefully anyone reading and noticing the changes are enjoying them.

She Just Does It

Confession: as a child I used to be afraid to eat certain things. Not because of taste, texture, appearance…but because I felt I had to save it for a special moment.

Hollow chocolate bunnies sat in their brightly colored boxes with plastic windows begging to be consumed but I never found the perfect reason to devour them.

This of course led to other things never being used for fear of not having them at that “special” moment. Fire crackers, pencils, hair ties, articles of clothing. It’s embarrassing to admit, really.

But my cupkeiki is different. She sees the chocolate bunny and doesn’t hesitate. It’s consumed with enthusiasm. Gone are the ears first, then head, then body. And as I watch her chomp away, and smile with milk chocolate coated teeth, two things cross my mind: 1. Go brush those teeth and 2. I envy how she just goes for it, with all things, all the time.

When I grow up, I want to be like that.

The Worst

(Sometimes my requests for a funny photo really work out)

I used to tell her that I’d call, “The Worst”. If she threw a fit or didn’t listen after the however many times I’d ask. If she said something mean, did something not nice. I’d hold my phone up to my ear and I’d say:

“Yes… hello… I’d like to speak with The Worst…”

I would intentionally drag out getting The Worst on the line.

Her eyes would grow big. She would move closer to me, hold my leg or kind of pace in a circle in front of me anxious of what I would say.

“Yes, is this The Worst because I have a report to make…”

And then she would start asking me not to call anymore, to hang up, that she didn’t want The Worst to come over. She didn’t want to know what would happen if The Worst were to show up.

And then I’d say something along the lines of, “oh yes she’s suddenly changed her mind about ____ behavior” and thank The Worst and pretend to hang up.

Actually, as I think back on it, I’m glad I never had to figure out anything beyond making a pretend phone call. The second The Worst actually had to show up, the gimmick would have been up and I would have had to come up with something entirely new, entertaining and effective to do and as an imaginative person myself, it might not have been too difficult but The Worst really worked the best. It worked to call The Worst every now and then. To give a little balance check, a reset to the mood that wasn’t working.

As my cupkeiki grows and learns and stops falling for some of the gimmicks I’d come up with, I find nostalgia pulling at my heart strings for the funny but important (at least for myself) ways we would work through stuff. I’m glad we had The Worst.

So here’s to The Worst. To the imaginary person who would potentially come at a parents request. My cupkeiki never wanted to meet The Worst because, who knew what that would entail and that was all that we needed.


This has become an obsessive craft, thanks to a decision to stop drinking soda. To supplement the missing fizzy feeling that I love and the flavor of something sweet, I’ve taken up a gulping habit of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Mineral water.

To make these lovely, shiny, colorful adornments, you need:

Plastic bottles


Tacky glue-trust me on this

Round, flat Sequin discs with a hole already for stringing

Jumprings, larger is easier

A small hole puncher

A knife or razor you’re comfortable cutting with

An iron or stove top

Cut the top part off a plastic bottle. You know, the bit before it reaches the main body of the bottle. Melt it slightly to soften the cut edge. This can be done with an iron, or if your lazy like me- press the edge on a nonstick griddle over high heat for a few seconds. *It will curl up and become difficult to hole punch if you leave it on too long.*

Once the edge is softened, use a small hole puncher to make punches along the bottom. I didn’t measure and didn’t necessarily use all the holes. You could measure if you want but I left it random. Coat the plastic part of the bottle-skipping the cap- in tacky glue and wrap in yarn down to just above your punched holes. Once done, begin assembling your sequins by joining them to the bottle with a large jump ring. *Make sure to tightly close or overlap so the very thin sequin don’t fall off. Cut an x through the cap top, glue and yarn the cap sides. Cut a piece of yarn to whatever hanging length you desire, feed it through the top of the bottle to the inside. Tie a big knot and hang near a window or light!

White Hot Chocolate

I’m not a fan of white chocolate, my cupkeiki however has recently decided it’s delicious. And only for Lindt truffles. Go figure. She’s got good taste in chocolate brand, questionable taste in chocolate type, haha!

Yesterday she was on a sweets kick, which is understandable when everywhere you go there’s Valentine’s candy. What’s a girl to do?

I gave in to her sweet tooth and bought a bag of…white chocolate chips. It was one of those purchases where you put your hand on the item, close your eyes, pick it up and drop it in the basket and then quickly walk away from the aisle. My cupkeiki of course was delighted. I could only think about how to make it taste less…white chocolaty.

Enter hot cocoa.

Once home we set to work.

1 1/2C. Whole milk (or your fav. alternative)

1/2C. White Chocolate chips (we used Hersey brand, next time I’d like to try something different)

1tsp. Vanilla extract

1Tbs. Arrowroot powder

First heat 1 cup of the milk in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Add the chocolate chips and whisk whisk whisk over medium heat until chips melt completely. While mixing, add arrowroot powder to other 1/2 C. of milk until incorporated. Add milk/arrowroot mixture to pan, add vanilla and whisk away some more, until thickened and a little bit frothy. Pour into little mugs and enjoy.

~make sure to really whisk, if you don’t, you end up with solids in your cup which was not keiki approved 🙂

~I think a tsp of ground cinnamon or even nutmeg might go nicely with the flavor!

~add marshmallows for extra fun 🙂

~add more or less arrowroot depending on how you like your cocoa. For us, thick is super satisfying.