Moon Hanging

A Beautiful Mess came out with this beautiful diy wall hanging tutorial using yarn and embroidery hoops. The minute I saw it, I wanted my own. So I did my own, and I absolutely love it and want to make like a billion more…maybe. haha. 

It’s a very simple, slightly time consuming, incredibly therapeutic craft. Take three hoops that can fit within one another- lrg, med, sm. Cut the hoops in half, wrap each half in a color of yarn, leaving a long enough tail at each end to tie to a dowel, or stick, or branch or copper pipe (oh the possibilities) after your hoops are secured, add the frill by figuring out your desired length at each hoop-mine are long strands folded then looped through/around the hoop bottom, cut out lots of yarn and start tieing. You can make it as thick or thin as you like. 

I purchased my yarn and hoops from Who Gives A Scrap FoCo, because I do love to upcycle and reuse and they always have what I need-or don’t but get anyway-teehee.

 Full instructions for this project can be found at A Beautiful Mess blog:


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