DIY Fairy Bottle

You have read that right, fairy bottle. I’m making it a thing. Yes, this is a tutorial of sorts for a fairy bottle. Put your wishes in it, catch those invisible fairies… do fairy things, use it as regular home decor, or decide its a genie bottle and use it for your genie costume… 

I picked up these super cute brass, vintage perhas, vases from a repurposed craft place here in Fort Collins, called Who Gives A Scrap FoCo. Then I grabbed some gold chunky glitter, corks and glitter embroidery floss-also from there- and an idea was born. 
Fast forward to the how to:

I wiped the bottle down, then ran a line of tacky, clear drying, glue in a swirl up the vase. Then I sprinkled…no, drenched, the glue in gold glitter. Then I let it dry and clear coated it so it wouldnt fall off with Mod Podge. While that dried I made an embroidery floss tassel which I connected to the cork with some craft wire. I made a small hoop on one end for the tassel and then bent a 90 degree angle and pushed the straight end into the cork. Super simple and easily customizable. I also added, but it’s not shown, purple gems around the bottom, for that extra touch of fairy magic. 

These are for my cupkeiki’s birthday coming up and a few will find their way to Germany! 


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