Making Hibiscus boba!

You know what I love treating my cupkeiki and I to? Boba. But it usually requires a trip out, which isn’t always convinenent. We brought with us on our move, 4 years ago, tapioca pearls and have never used them until yesterday and then today – and probably tomorrow…

A tea house here in FoCo offers boba in any tea, which I kind of love, because I prefer a good cup of tea over an unpredictable and giant sugary drink any day. Yesterday, at the tea house, we tried a lychee black tea with boba and a matcha latte with boba. Both equally delicious. Today I made, at home, Yerba Mate latte for myself and a sweetened hibiscus for my cupkeiki (using my own dried hibiscus flowers steeped and then agave added for sweetener).


            Yerba Mate with tapioca=
            Milk Tea deliciousness!!!

The tapioca has to be cooked ahead of time. This process takes roughly 30 min on the stove top over medium high heat, with plenty of water (roughly 1/4C. of tapioca and 3 cups water plus extra if needed). If you have cooked tapioca leftover, it’s best to use it within the day. Store it in a container covered with water and a little sugar to keep them seperated. Tapioca pearls come in different colors, mine were clear once cooked some are a darker caramel color.


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