Green Tomato Chili


My great aunt brought over two bags full of green tomatoes the other day. There was a moment of concern over how to use them up and appropriately…I don’t like to let such good things go to waste. I made fried green tomatoes the first night, but that only cleared out 6 individuals. Then yesterday I decided, after reading up on how to use them, that chili was the way to go. I have to say; if you have 6 happy plump green tomatoes begging to not be taken by the frost then you are in luck because their tangy citrus taste will make you wonder why you ever bothered making chili with red tomatoes.



I used:

6 large green tomatoes, chopped up into fourths

1 can tomato sauce

3 cans of water (I used the sauce can 15oz)

1 Tbs. Better than Bullion chicken base

Half an onion, chopped

5 cloves garlic, minced,

1 habenero pepper, chopped (opt)

2 Tbs. chili powder

1 Tbs. Cumin

1 Tbs. Oregano (dried)

1 tsp. smoked paprika

1 Cup White (Navy) Beans

Leftover Ham, already cooked and shredded (about 2 Cups) (cooked in a crockpot for 10 hours, with a little less than 1 cup of brown sugar, on low)

Juice of half a lime

I put everything into a large pot, and let it simmer for two hours and then adjusted the taste, added salt and pepper and let it cook for another half hour. I served it with rice (I usually make white and brown) tortilla chips and greek yogurt (Fage is my go to)


The tangy, citrus taste of the tomatoes really complements the spices, much the way a tomatillo does in recipes involving them. I did a little research too, and while green tomatoes are “toxic” in their raw form (toxic=gastrointestinal distress or problems) cooking green tomatoes neutralizes the toxicity. Eating them raw is ok, just do so in small amounts.


I love trying new things and my cupkeiki thought this was great, with lots of yogurt to tame down some of the spiciness from the pepper!


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