Green Tomato BLT


I can’t stop, won’t stop, it’s nonstop, green tomato on top, bacon always hits the spot, dinner’s ready mama hit the jackpot…

Errr…hheeyyyy there! Whew, that was fun.


Tonight I whipped myself up (yup just me and not a hoard of other hungry folks), a sautéed green tomato and baby Bella mushroom BLT…Nom nom nom. The manimal has been working on his charcuterie skills, and bacon has been on a very happy rotation. Tonight I used a maple bacon with more meat than fat, which is really nice when it’s going in a sandwich! I sliced the green tomato and sautéed it in about 2 Tbs of butter, along with sliced baby Bella musrooms. I added some miracle whip (I seriously love using miracle whip) to a homemade rosemary loaf added some greens as voila, BLT magic! Bonus points for using green tomato!!



Food Party!



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