Paper Proteas (Cut File Link Included)


I like to decorate in the fall. It’s a way to make the drab, cooler days a little brighter. When you make something fun or interesting that people can enjoy, it feels good.

I put together, using the Cricut Design Space, these Protea-esque paper flowers. Putting these together in the design space took a little work, but basically it goes like this:
1. Start with a circle
2. Using the square shape, unlock it and turn it into a skinny rectangle.
3. Duplicate the shape of your rectangle, and place it all around the circle, like a giant sun. I made 37 rectangles total.
4. Select your sun looking shape, attach it and then weld it.
5. Once attached, duplicate it so you have three to four shapes. Decide on the size, and cut them out.
6. If you’re good with a pair of scissors, use them to curl up the rectangles, to give them the petal shape. Of you’re like me, use your finger tips and nails to curl them upward, making a round shape. I also bent the rectangles at their bases to have them fold inward more in the center. Glue, using hot or craft glue, the pieces together and voila, you have some Protea-esque flowers.
I glued my flowers to a branch painted white, with gold glitter spray paint as an accent. Later I added mini pumpkins and acorns painted gold.

Here’s how it looks, once everything is attached, welded and duplicated:

Screenshot (1)

And here is how they look assembled:





This is a really fun project, that really adds something special to the area in which you place them. I’m thinking of making more and adding them to a wreath, with more golden acorns.

Below is a link for Cricut Design Space, to the cut path for just the flowers (the leaves I did separately and are meant to go with the acorns):

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