Fit You

I post a lot of food stuff…but today I’m taking a moment to talk about body stuff…fitness stuff to be exact. Why, because too often I think I don’t have the time, or I hear other people saying they don’t have the time, but you know what?!?! We all have the time, we just have to do it. So what if I, or you, are not in workout clothes? Fitness can happen anywhere, at any time, and in any type of clothes. Along with fitness is eating right and being motivated to make the right choices. I’ve come up with 5 things to share about fitness and health and I hope that while reading this I can motivate or encourage you.

  1. Squat, anywhere, everywhere: Yup, squats are your butt and thighs best friend when you want to tone it up, and your worst when you want to ham it up (you know, with junk food and laziness). I like to do squats periodically throughout the day. When I wake up, there’s 20 right off the bat. In the kitchen cleaning up after lunch, another 20, at night before bed…you guessed it, another 20. I build it up to, it’s not always 20, it’s whatever I’m in the mood for as long as it isn’t a number below my last squat endeavor. I don’t tell myself I don’t have time for it, because to do 20 to 50 squats in one go takes only a couple of minutes, and we all have that kind of time. No need to pencil squats in, just do it.
  2. Standing Leg Lift with Crunch: Right after those squats, or in between brushing teeth, when the cupkeiki is in the tub, whenever the moment feels right, I’m doing this move. It’s a pretty simple move, give it a try: standing with legs about shoulder width apart, bring one leg up and across your torso (like a kick but with your leg bent) while at the same time punching the opposite sides arm out. Your arm will naturally want to go to the opposite side, for balance. Try it, start with 1 rep of 10, work up in reps and number of movement.
  3. Walk, walk, walk. Seriously, walk as often as you can, for however long you can. Take your child(ren) with you and your partner or go alone and enjoy some “you time”. It’s a great way to connect, socialize, reflect and get in some exercise. You can walk fast or slow, for 15 min or an hour. Who cares how long, just walk!
  4.  Get you kids involved in your exercise program. You may be thinking, “yea right…” but seriously, they think it’s funny or fun and want to participate with you more than you think. I swear. My cupkeiki up and decided she wanted to run our usual route (that she rides in the stroller for). And you know what, she did it, of course she had to “break” a few times, but the point is, she wanted to do it too, and it was fun to be doing it together. Taking a class? Ask the instructor if your keiki can come (depends on the place of course). I take a Bollywood class at a community center here in Fort Collins. It is so much fun, I love Bollywood dancing and movies. I asked if I could bring my cupkeiki one night when her dad couldn’t be home with her, and my instructor said “yes, bring her.” My cupkeiki thought it was the coolest thing ever and wanted to do it to, and she cheered me on, how good would that make you feel? I convinced my 15yo niece to go with me a few times, thinking it could potentially end up a disaster (mostly me being embarrassed, or her, or both of us..) but instead we had a great time together and it felt good to spend that time doing something fun with each other.
  5. Eat healthy as often as possible. I try to post recipes on here that I think are wholesome, nutritious and tasty, because I know just how easy it is to get sucked into the world of bad food choices. You always have the option, and sometimes we have to give in and have a cheat day here or there, but our bodies don’t need an overload of sugar, or processed foods and eating healthy is just as easy as going through the drive through on the way home, you just have to want one over the other more.

So there it is, my 5 fitness and health thoughts of the day. I want to motivate and encourage myself just as much as I want to motivate and encourage others, because it’s important, our bodies are important and we can’t be happy with ourselves if we don’t do the things that keep us strong and healthy, and keep us positive.


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