DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklaces.

I love to make jewelry, because to me something I have made says a lot (of good things hopefully) about me. My niece has gone, what I call-full hippy. She is all about chakras, herbs, mandalas, wearing prints with prints…and crystals. Now, let me be clear, I am not knocking/getting down on hippies or her. Truthfully, I’m all about nature, eating healthy, using oils and arnica to heal…so it’s all good, really. She recently purchased a contraption she believes will “purge” her hypothalamus or thyroid or pituitary…the device probably says it will clear out all the bad stuff in those three areas, I don’t know though, when submerged in water and the purified liquid is drunk. It supposedly has crystals inside a steal tube with circles cut out, lined internally with metal mesh and she puts it in her water and it is meant to do some healing. Because crystals heal, and there is a long standing “belief” in this. I’ve looked into it, I don’t know if I believe it myself or not, but I do know that crystals are pretty, and strong, and trendy (at the moment) so I went down to my local gem and fossil store and bought three raw crystal points, with the intention to make necklaces for her, her mom…and myself because I’m all about it. I strung hers up, added some raw amethyst (the pretty purple stone that is also popular at the moment) and left a little nonchalant note that went something like, “hey, here’s a necklace I made, thought you might be interested in it…” She’s going on 16 so you never know. It could have been totally lame and not stylish enough and too homemade…thankfully it wasn’t. It was a, as she put it, “day maker”. Sweet! So I made another for her mom, with orange agate. The crystals were wire wrapped, instead of drilled out, risky perhaps but cute nonetheless.

IMG_20150826_091807 IMG_20150903_152642The orange one is my sister-in-laws, the bottom one is my own.

Making jewelry is easy to do once you have the right parts. This included, jewelry wire, crimp beads, crimp bead cover, necklace clasps, beads, and jewelry tools (mine happens to be a set of three small red handled tools: a wire cutter, a round nosed plier and a flat nosed plier) and everything can be purchased, save for the crystals, at a craft store, I bought my supplies, including the beads from JoAnns.


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