Pumpkin Spice Season

I really dislike coffee. When I say dislike, I actually mean hate. I hate coffee. The smell, the taste, the way its scent lingers on people’s breath or clothes or in a room for hours. Gross. It’s odd that there is a whole campaign around “Pumpkin Spice Season”. Like, really?! Pumpkin spice coffee?!?! Really?!?! Double gross and no thanks.

Here’s how I celebrate “Pumpkin Spice Season”:


New Belgium’s Pumpkick. Yup, tasty tasty beer with pumpkin and cranberry and the spices of fall.

Yesterday, my cupkeiki and I were working on simple sentences and then I mowed the lawn and finished house/yard work off with a beer. I was drinking and appreciating and looked down and noticed this happy beer poem, it was like magic!


“See me Pumpkick. I like to Pumpkick. We love Pumpkick”.
This stuff just happens folks, I didn’t expect it, but I appreciate it (as a creative person who sees things in unexpected places).


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