Summer Scents

We got bobs, and now we are twinning for the remainder of the summer! 

 As summer quickly winds down, I’m scurrying around trying to collect every last bit of sunshine, flowers, water, and adventures I can with my cupkeiki. I’ve had a pretty great summer, though I will say that the microbiology class I took online for 10 weeks sort created a hazy cloud around what was going on. My mind was constantly on labs, quizzes, activites and tests. But it’s all over on Friday…sort of.

My mama also had an interesting summer. Not more than 2 months ago she found out she had breast cancer. She decided to act fast, had a mastectomy and got the good news-that she was cancer free-last week. She’s held up really well…for having a boob chopped off (if you take offense to that statement, reconsider. I’ve approached this subject with humor since she went into surgery. Humor is my go-to in times of stress, and it feels better to have a laugh than to be constantly worried, scared or upset. I think, or hope, that my humor along with encouragement has helped my mom too.) .

After her surgery I went out and picked up some wonderful Alba Botanica kukui oil and lotion for her, as it was also her birthday. I love kukui oil, it’s great for dry skin, burns, psoriasis, stretch marks and scars and she was wanting something to help with her new scar after a run in with a super sharp knife (humor, again.)

 I also picked up a little lotion for myself, though not Alba Botanica (even though I love love love Alba) this one was brought about by a smell…a subtle, tropical, creamy and comforting smell. The smell of coconut and papaya. I have always had a hard time consuming fresh papaya, it’s a texture thing, but I love the smell of it-especially fresh cut!! As soon as my cupkeiki and I smelled it, it was a given that it was going in the cart. My hands have been rather happy about it too. It seems like the end of summer brings about a lot more dry skin than usual for me, and while I’m not a huge product user (my Alba products are primarily face wash and moisturizer) this has been in my daily routine and keeping my hands soft and nourished!

I picked these lotions up at Natural Grocers in Fort Collins.

P.S. Mom: I heard the word at the hospital is, your boob is still on the loose. Its been seen roaming halls and catching looks.


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