Summer Sweets


I still remeber the first time I made strawberry shortcake by myself. It was in Hawaii, for my manimal. A way to say, I love you and I’m sorry I can’t cook delicious food yet but I can make this and someday in the future I’ll be a great cook for you. 


That event lead to an entire week of strawberry and heavy cream purchases, and biscuit making. By the end of the week….we could have kept it going. Let’s be honest with ourselves, strawberry shortcake solves hunger issues, dessert issues, emotional issues, heat issues, romance issues, bad day issues…it solves a lot of things really. 


Today I’m sharing the joyful experience of strawberry shortcake making with my cupkeiki, and secretly hoping it will help solve the overwhelming anxiety I have over my microbiology lab and the fear of correctly making agar plates and colonies I can identify. 



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