Snowballs and Bears

Trail Ridge Road opened yesterday…or Friday…one of those days. Regardless, since reading about its being open, I was ready to go. That and I start a microbiology class tomorrow and will spend my summer studying microbiology, chemistry and preparing myself for an entrance exam. FUN!! So I needed a calm weekend and some hiking. Today was perfect in the park. Tons of Elk, blue skies, and flowers. The park wasn’t overly crowded too, which was really nice–for parking’s sake.

We went up Trail Ridge Road, stopped at the top, walked around and had a little snowball session. What is it about going up to the park to play in snow that is cooler and more exciting than when it’s in your front yard?! Regardless we had a great time at the top!

Cloudy Peaks Snowballs1 Snowballs2 To the Top of the World

After playing around on the top, we went back down and went to Bear Lake to do some hiking. I really liked the accessibility (though snowy and slippery in a good part of the trail) for kids. We saw lots of children out there, and my own cupkeiki liked the trail. It was beautiful, and a beautiful day for a spring hike!

Bear Lake Bear Pose IMG_3212Bear Lake 2

It also happens to be Rocky Mountain National Parks 100th birthday this year, so go and celebrate the beauty of this wonderful place!!
As we were driving down the canyon we chanced upon a herd of Big Horn Sheep! We don’t really participate in the “stop traffic to take lots pictures and disturb the wildlife.” If it’s convienient/safe we will otherwise I take pictures by leaning over the driver (manimal) and crossing my fingers that I get a good shot! Today I got lucky, enough.



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