Starting Anew

A few weeks back I mentioned an end to MyCupkeiki. I was in a rut with the blog, not sure I was making the progress I wanted to make, and thought that I needed to start over. But then, in the midst of making choices and changes, my manimal reminded me that MyCupkeiki is unique and can evolve organically, and I don’t have to jump to a new page or a new name.

So here I/we am/are, ready to change the approach without loosing/hiding what has already been done. I want to approach my food and crafts head on and a bit differently in posts. As for the motherhood side of this…well if I were some sort of wild and radical mama, I’d focus on it but I’m not. Instead I’ve received tons of helpful and motivating notes about my food and crafts and that’s where I’m taking it all.

I’m welcoming myself back and am truly glad MyCupkeiki is here to stay, because just yesterday my cupkeiki said, “mama, don’t change it, I like it the way it is.”


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