Expiration Dates

As almost heartbreaking as it is to read it, it is to write it. I do believe the life of MyCupkeiki has reached an end, of sorts. I’ve been going over and over this in my head, and my heart (as I’ve opened myself up on here in a way that was therapeutic, fun, and educational), and I feel like MyCupkeiki has strayed, taken a turn- that while not negative, isn’t going or doing the things I had hoped it would. This is certainly not an end to sharing the things I enjoy making; it is however an end to wanting to keep people up-to-date on my experience with motherhood, because in all honesty I find that to be a difficult topic to discuss, and perhaps a bit boring (I’m really not that exciting of a mama).

I will be starting fresh, coming up with a new name and a better focus. I will share, on here, the link to a new blog. Thank you to everyone who has followed, stuck around, enjoyed and experimented with my food/crafts over the last three–nearly four–years. It’s been a real joy and I have a feeling that I will enjoy starting over and getting more specific.

Aloha, for now.


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