Muddy Sunday

I recently purchased some food grade Bentonite Clay, for a remineralizing toothpaste, but after reading about reactivity with metal fillings I had to scrap that idea and come up with something else. Enter clay face masks. 

  So here I am on a beautiful Sunday morning, mudding my face and enjoying the the tingling and drying effects of clay, honey, oats and tea tree oil!

Here’s my DIY Clay Mask that’s left my face feeling tightened, soft and rejuvinated!  


 1 Tbs. Bentonite Clay (got bought mine at my local food co-op in the bulk section)

 1 Tbs. Raw honey, (my honey is Rice Brand, it’s local honey from Greeley, CO) 

 1 Tbs. Oats, ground up into powder using a mortar and pestle for a few minutes.

 4 drops Tea Tree Oil (I used the Now Brand)

 2-4 Tbs. Water (enough to make a paste)  


 Mix everything together, and apply to face and upper part neck in a circular motion. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and wash off with warm water and a wash cloth.

Tea tree oil and honey have great antibacterial properties. The honey and oats moisturize and the clay helps pull out toxins and add minerals to the skin, which may help the skin become more balanced and healthy. Look for clay that has a grey-green color, not white. 

Oh and that idea I had about a remineralizing toothpaste scrapped because of my uncertainty with clay and metal fillings…well I made one up but without the clay and my cupkeiki and I love it! So check back for that recipe soon!!


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