Morning Inspirations

Most every morning I’m up by 5:30, making lunch, and sending the manimal off for his day. I’ve found the time between after he goes and before my cupkeiki wakes to be quite productive. I can blog, plan dinner, work on construction stuff, sneak in a workout and it makes me feel great. Don’t get me wrong, 9:00 am rolls around and I’m searching for a huge pick me up because for whatever reason my brains says “hey you, yeah you, we’ve been up for a while and you know I’m kind of feeling sleepy again…” I don’t feel guilty for this feeling, it’s natural, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell my self… but that’s off topic, because there’s actually a purpose besides a caffeine and tea addiction rant (yes tea, not coffee. Coffee is gross, seriously) for this post.

That purpose is this: I find inspiration for my daily activities from other sites and this morning I came across these three blogs that got me going “Oooooohhhhhhh” so check them out!

1st. I made a tree branch Christmas tree, and now I have these cute white and glitter gold painted branches that I want to re-purpose into something cute, so I came across this idea from “Oh the lovely things”:

I’m guessing my cupkeiki would love a little dye project too!

2nd. I’m craving chocolate and these, Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies  from Gringalicious, have my mouth watering!

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

After yesterday’s 80 degree weather (80 degrees in March, in Colorado, is crazy!!) today is cooler and rain/snow forecasted, so baking sounds perfect for me and my cupkeiki!

3rd. I have always wanted to make my own pillow covers but feel slightly intimidated by the idea for whatever reason. These DIY envelope pillow covers from, Becoming Martha, seem fun and I envision some cute graphic made using my cricut happening!

Add a touch of Spring to your home with easy drop cloth envelope pillows!

I’m sure my cupkeiki would love picking what sort of image or saying she would want on a pillow!

I don’t know if anyone reading has caught on to this, but my day is planned around doing crafty things, with my cupkeiki. From baking/cooking to making fun things I do what I can to involve her in everything I’m doing. She has her own time, where she does what she wants (go outside, read a book, draw, do her own crafts, play…with or without me) because to me having individual time is important. It allows her to explore, be imaginative, problem solve and become confident in her own abilities and skills. Finding projects that help her grow and think are important and worth sharing!


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