Lemons Galore!!! 

If you are like me, and browse pinterest or Instagram you’ve likely seen the “Lemon Drink” to cure everything floating around. It’s a big deal, and hey why shouldn’t it be?! I mean, people are starting to move away from the absurd posts about doing ridiculous things to your body to get the “ideal shape”, and now we focus on the awesome power of the Lemon! It’s really great, in my opinion and frankly I love dressing up my water with a fresh squeeze, regardless of what it’s doing for my shape. 

Alright, so I’m clearly on the Lemon bandwagon, but not on the drink to diet bandwagon. Don’t diet, be healthy. And while you’re at it, reward yourself from time to time with awesome, homemade goods…like these Lemon Curd Buns!! Watch for the post coming up later this evening!!!!

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