Something New, Something Lovely.

Do Something Heart TemplateDo Something Heart Template

These jpegs can hopefully be used by you, the reader, for a Pop Up Heart Card.

In light of Valentines Day, which is still a month away, I wanted to share a card idea with everyone. I really hope (because I am totally new at this) that these images can be saved by whom ever wishes to use them. I discovered today that for some unexplained reason, I can’t share my own creations (developed in photoshop) through Cricut Design Space…hhmmm. I’m kind of bummed, but I’ve decided to do the jpeg approach and hope it works out.

I’ll keep researching how to make files that are more easily used for Cricut folks (and hey, if you have any info let me know!!)

I suppose I should explain the process of creating, so here it goes, it’s really very simple if you are accustomed to Design Space, if not, it’s still simple, and if you don’t have a Cricut, well you can cut the images out on paper and use as a template for further hand cut creations!

So, in Design Space I did:

Upload File (the jpegs provided (which you have to do for each image)) –> Basic Upload –> Browse, select, simple image –> clean up white space so you are left only with line –> Insert images into canvas –> select first image using, unflatten –> Select Cut –> From free image select the Line image –> make sure it is set to score and align along open end of half heart –> Duplicate shapes, mirror flip them, line them up with their opposite, then attach –> Make 2!!. In the second full heart, add the smaller heart (adjust size if desired, using the same method as you did for the bigger hearts. Select and attach the second heart.

Cut (press GO) , fold, glue or double tape the two hearts together, making sure the smaller heart pops out when you open it.

I decided to make a prototype just to see how it would go. It took me an hour to put it all together! It took my cupkeiki 5 minutes to add her own personal touch. I figure when it’s closer to the big day, I’ll add her hand prints, using paint, to the inside of the card. How cute would that be for grandparents (or great grandparents) to get in the mail!!

Fun, fun!




And here you have a horrid screen shot of how it should look in your design space. I’m slightly ashamed of this, but like I said, I’m still figuring out a few things!!


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