On Another Note…

I wanted to take a minute to share a few links with you all, to follow or share. It’s a link to my partners company, Harrington Construction LLC. He and his brother are building Passive Houses here in Colorado! The concept is highly efficient, sustainable homes. It’s a building practice that has been slow to catch on here in the US, but where it originated, in Germany, and in Switzerland, it is not a voluntary practice, it’s a requirement.

Why consider building a Passive Home? Well, when you consider where your materials come from, how the building process and final product impacts the environment and your lifestyle and what this building process can do for not only the globe, but your state, community, and wallet it all makes sense.

Currently we (yes, we. I contribute in whatever way possible) are building in Nederland, CO. We have a completed project in Fort Collins, and an upcoming project in Berthod, CO. These are exciting times for the building industry. The future of home design and build is evolving to reflect a healthier and happier lifestyle and environment. Check us out, spread the word and start a revolution in how we live!!

Website: http://www.harrington.build/

Blog: https://harringtonconstructionllc.wordpress.com/


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