Have Mug Will Paint

Here’s a Christmas DIY that’s fun, cute, inexpensive, thrifty, and creative.

I bought a used coffee mug last year around Father’s Day, to attempt the infamous “sharpie on a mug” project. The problem? I guess I didn’t research enough and used plain ol’ sharpies and not the oil based ones. The result of my cupkeiki’s cute mug design (which was honestly just scribbles) was a washed off and super faded mug her dad was never going to use.

What to do… What to do…

Recycle, upcycle and get creative.

Using an Elmer’s Painters paint pen in Gold, I drew free form scallops, and dots on the mug. After it was, of course, cleaned up (Bon Ami works wonders).

The new result? A cute mug that is pleasant looking to the eye. Whether it gets used as a mug or not at this point almost doesn’t matter.

These would make fun Christmas gifts, filled with individual servings of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows or simply chocolate, candies, even nail polishes or spa gifts. The possibilities are endless!


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