Top With Cinnamons Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

If the name, Izy Hossack or the recipe book, “Top With Cinnamon” doesn’t sound familiar, you are missing out!!

I discovered this recipe while looking for a homemade hot cocoa recipe for the house. Little did I know, just from not putting names together, that the recipe I was looking at was actually from a person I follow on Instagram and enjoy her recipes and photos!!

I’m going to add a link from Food 52’s website, but first let you know the modifications I’ve made!

First, I use about 3tbs grated chocolate, which I hand grate rather than add to the food processor due to the melt factor of the chocolate once even slightly warmed up at such a fine grate.

Second, I have yet to add dry milk/milk substitute. I warm up milk and add the mix to it.

Third, cinnamon is a must also a bit more sugar may be needed if you are like myself, my cupkeiki or my niece and enjoy sweet over slightly bitter.

Here’s the link to the recipe on Food52:

Here’s the recipe if you just want the quick version, with my modifications:

3Tbs grated semi to bittersweet chocolate
2/3C. Dutch process baking cocoa
2tsp. Corn starch
1tsp. Ground cinnamon
3/4C. Powdered sugar
2Tbs. Unrefined sugar
1/2tsp. Salt

Combine everything. Heat desired amount of milk over med-low heat and add 1-2Tbs cocoa powder to milk. Whisk and heat to desired temp. Serve with marshmallows or whipped cream if desired!

That’s it. Simple, comforting and so delicious!!









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