Grey Days

I remember these days, these gray days. Walking to elementary school with my little brother by my side. The crispness in the air, the dampness clinging to our faces and clothes. The slightest notice of our breath in the air sent giggles.

I remember making it to school, telling my brother I would see him at lunch. Making my way to my own school room door, dampened and cold. There was always a hesitation to go in, especially on days like this. I wished so much that we could have kept walking, past the school, past the town, out into the wilderness where we could run and talk all day. Instead I went in, sat down under the harsh fluorescence lights, the uncomfortable chairs and cold desks, starring out the tiny rectangular window in the door, watching the grayness of the day linger about, summoning me to follow it. That is until grey subsided to blue, and the mystery of what could be just beyond the dull dampness was lost, to sun, birds and normalcy.

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