Pottery Class


My cupkeiki and I are taking a parent and tot pottery class through the city right now. We go in and learn a new style of working with the clay. The first class we made pinch pots, the second we made rope pots. Today we worked with slab clay.

It’s a little hard because I think my cupkeiki is perhaps the youngest one in the class, and we seem to not be on the same page as other children, as far as creating things. The other children pick an idea and help see it through; my cupkeiki comes up with an idea and then either goes about doing her own thing with clay or adds large hunks of scratched clay here and there and then disappears under the table to play with the rolling chairs. She hasn’t got the notion of how to really make a complete project and that’s just fine. It’s still fun, she’s still being creative and learning…and I get to be creative too!

Our instructor has paid me several compliments, which of course make smile and feel confident in my art.

I am really enjoying the time I spend with my cupkeiki in this class. To see her creativity, and thinking process is fun, and to be able to make things with her that are outside of our home and not directed by me is wonderful!



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