Busy Minds


I know I’m not alone when I say that my cupkeiki, like a lot of other kids, needs lots of activities. She isn’t settled by doing one thing and being satisfied, she’s curious and asks why, and how a lot. She could probably watch programs all day-if I were to let her- and recite everything she learned but then I wouldn’t feel satisfied as a parent.

We walk daily, sometimes two or three times. During our walks she asks questions like; what does a bee do? How does the raspberry grow? What do butterflies drink? I love her inquisitive mind, and love that she holds on to the information. Last week my dad came to visit and on our way up to Horsetooth Falls, a fly came into the truck. She places all flying insects into the bee category and said “bees collect pollen to make honey.” My dad looked at me a bit dumbfounded and asked if she actually said what she said. Yup she did. She loves that little fact, just like that butterflies drink nectar through a proboscis, or that a raspberry has to first flower and be pollenated by bees before there can be fruit.

That’s all great, and I’m grinning with a small sense of pride that I’ve contributed to this learning and repeating of information. However sometimes, I run out of ideas, of where the next lesson should come from or what it should be. I don’t like a structured routine, I’ve never practiced one with her, but sometimes information has to come from a different source. Last week I went to Barnes and Nobel and went crazy in the Early Learning section. As my partner and I start to discuss preschool (next year) and our educational goals for her I start to realize that I can say and show all that I know but she needs information from other sources too. So I bought 4 Kumon work books and 1 Flash Kids book with the goal of repetitive worksheets to help her develop some of the skills I may be missing introducing. I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I need help from outside sources. I’ve also come to recognize, since having them, that my cupkeiki loves doing them and the independence she gets from figuring out a maze or connecting similar shapes on her own.

Hooray for busy, active minds; and having so many options and sources for learning.


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