Spring Blue


My cupkeiki found this brilliant blue Blue Jay feather on our walk today. She also chose my bright blue nail color (LA Colors, Color Craze in Oceanic), and even did a great job of painting them (though I did have to redo three and clean up some stray lines 😉 the other morning. Perhaps blue has become our unofficial spring color!


She Does More Than Cook

My cupkeiki takes her cooking serious, usually (and I mean serious in two year old standards!)! Then there are times when it’s wholly about the sensation and exploration of different things. Take for example, tomatoes!




We didn’t eat her, crushed tomatoes, but she did enjoy poking, smashing and drawing in tomatoe purée quite a bit.

Hello Friday, you sexay thang you.

What a week. What a last couple weeks. This beer is my favorite, so here’s to Friday, here’s to a hopefully fabulous weekend. Here’s to snapshots of life that make you smile when you look back. I’m sandbox daydreaming.

Oh and my nails really are electric blue, and I love them!

Folky photos?

I’m in love with the idea of “folkish” photos. The rustic nature of things always catches my eye. Actually accomplishing the task of getting a folkish shot is harder for me though. I’m picky about what constitutes “folk” or “rustic”. Today however, I felt I may have produced a few good “folkish” shots.


I’m going to through a bee shot in, just for good measure.


Tin Can Bunnies

err, well I obviously used PicLab for my text edit

Have a few tin cans laying around? Spray paint? Hot glue? Construction paper? Ribbon, poms, a sharpie and wiggly eyes??!! I bet if you’re a mama or dad or crafter in general you do. Now, if you have about 20 minutes to spare (and who honestly doesn’t?!) you could add a fun diy bunny to your Easter decor!

I simply spray painted my cans white, cut out the shapes (which I freehand drew on construction paper) and glued everything in place. I don’t know that much direction is needed here. Get creative and get adventurous, it’s only a bunny!

My cupkeiki helped with this project, up until she decided that the hot glue was actually too hot to deal with. She actually told me, “I’m freaking out mama, it’s too hot.” Right, about that whole business of two year olds mimicking everything they hear…haha.