What the Flu can do!

Wow, hard to believe my last post was March 5…where I have I been all this time?! I’d love to say on some great adventure, or busily working on new projects, but no. Our household has been battling the flu for the last 2 1/2 weeks!!!! I had thought my cupkeiki and I would get lucky and not get it because we had our shots, but alas; while taking care of everyone else for the first week we got it at the end of that week and have steadily been out of touch with the world. I got laryngitis last week which brought smiles to everyone’s face around the house. I felt a bit like Patch Adams making all the sick people laugh with my ridiculous sounding voice. This is the first time I’ve ever had the flu, first for my cupkeiki too, and I can officially say I would love to never ever, EVER have it again. Between fevers, coughs, intense body aches, sore throats, terrible headaches and sleepless nights, this was one for the books (along with my stint with C. Difficile-in terms of length of time, nothing can compare to the harshness of C. Difficile on the body). Thankfully everyone seems to be on the up and up and hopefully with the changing season we can have a change in health!!

There were a few walks, because being stuck inside for days makes our minds go a bit crazy! We sighted our first flowers of spring, crocus blooms were abundant and a welcome sign!>

Along with walks were some fun moments in the sun!





20140324-100330.jpgAnd a little cooking>

20140324-100625.jpg But now we really are ready to be be better! >


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