Flashback/Throwback/Take Me Back Monday


I call this one Pele, because if you look at the smoke correctly you should see a facial profile. I truly believe I had the chance of a lifetime opportunity to photograph her. Pele is the Volcano goddess, highly revered in Hawaii.

I remembered this morning that I had some photos that I haven’t seen in a while on a different site. Made me reminisce of Hawaii (it’s so easy to do). Here are some from 4+years ago. Taken on Big Island and Oahu.











Deep Fried Ore-ohh-yeas


At first I was like, “that’s a silly thing to do…” Then I was like, “this smells kind of good…” And finally I was having “just one more…”

I didn’t believe my niece when she said that deep fried Oreos were delicious. It sounded kind of gross, but she wanted to make, making them, a project we could do together, so I happily agreed because I like projects. They turned out to be quite simple to make, even without a deep fryer, and they tasted so good!

How we did it:
Using a pancake mix, we made the batter following the package directions, then added more dry mix to the batter to make it thick. We preheated vegetable oil in a deep fry pan, about 2-3 inches, to 330F degrees. Going three cookies at a time, my niece coated the Oreos in the batter and we fried them for about a minute on each side-or until a nice golden color was achieved. We let them cool on paper towels and then arranged them on a plate and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. She wanted to make them for a party she hosted today, and they were pretty popular with her friends. I got in a few cookies and my cupkeiki got one, which she coveted and took a painstakingly long time to eat.

I would say that having a deep fryer would have made the process easier, because we spent a great deal of time regulating oil temperature, but it wasn’t so difficult that it should deter those without fryers.