From weekend to Tuesday…oh bother


We came home yesterday from our snowboarding trip to Copper Mountain, with a very cranky cupkeiki.
She started running a fever late afternoon, slept and slept and then around 8:00 I got the latest mom fashion look of the season: hot cocoa on everything. Fun. And the fashion looks didn’t stop for either of us for a while. Super fun. This morning, I’m overly exhausted and searching for some sort of redeeming activity to shake off the last few days entirely! Maybe if my cupkeiki is up for it, we will bake and cook all day…or lay around and sleep.


This morning I’m loading up on Chia, and granola with some banana chips. I’m totally hooked on adding chia to my morning tea. I’m thinking that I may need to write up post on it completely.

And this is sort of how I feel, like I could just hide behind things for a few days. Last night, I too ran a fever and had the aches and sore throat I’m guessing accompanied my cupkeiki’s symptoms earlier in the day, but hopefully we are both on the path to better.


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