Make dinner out fun, and easy!


On Valentine’s Day we decided to do a silly thing and go out for dinner despite not having a sitter or a reservation. We decide to leave early, and try a new place to us, Austin’s in Old Town. We had a 45 minute wait, which went by easily with the Clothes Pony shop a few doors down! As my cupkeiki played in their toy area, I checked out the “food” area. They have lunch boxes, cups, plates…all cute and trendy but what really caught my eye were the Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Mats! $20.00 for a fun designed placemat that can be rolled up, taken anywhere and comes with chalk! We got it for my cupkeiki and gave it a test while we waited another 10 minutes for our table at the restaurant. It worked out perfectly! As we sat down with a drink and waited, my cupkeiki drew away. When she had coated every inch of the mat I went over it with a few baby wipes and set her loose on it again! I also noticed that a portion of sales is donated toward efforts to end child trafficking!


Dinner was amazing too! We got coconut shrimp as a starter (which took me right back to this little shrimp stand in Hawaii that I loved!) for an entree I ordered pork tenderloin with whipped potatoes and roasted carrots with snap peas; it came with a soy sauce glaze and was so good I ate the entire meal and left full and happy! My manimal ordered a New York strip steak cooked medium rare, it was done perfectly! We had a great time being together as a family, the ambiance was perfect, and my cupkeiki got a thrill watching the carriage rides go by every five minutes or so!



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