A Truth


I’d like to start selling my photography. This is a truth.

I’m afraid of the risk, and potential failing, that comes with doing this.
This is a truth.

I’m not as strong as wish I were, emotionally and tend to have low self-esteem. This typically holds me back from doing things I know I can.
This is a truth.

I want to succeed as a photographer not just for myself, but also for my cupkeiki, who I want to set the right example of a strong, independent, hard working and entrepreneurial woman, for.
This is a truth.

Why are truths the hardest thing to admit, feel so good once they’re out, and scare the crap out of us? I’m scared of taking a leap. I’m scared of not taking a leap and I have no idea where the middle road is in any of this.

If this where a friend standing before me saying this, I’d want to do everything in my power to encourage, motivate and help them any way I could; however I’m alone in this and must therefore figure out how to stand on the ledge, look down into the fog and say, “there’s something there to land on.”

P.s. Mom, I know you’re going to read this eventually- and I love you for all the support and encouragement you always give me.


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