DIY Leather and Bead Bracelet


XoXo!! That’s all I think when I look down at my wrist now!

This morning I decided my cupkeiki and I needed to visit JoAnns fabric and craft store…a dangerous outing for the two of us. I think we spent over an hour just browsing. My cupkeiki was running through the aisles saying, “aw this is cute!” And “oohh look at this one mama!” And the one that gets me every time; “do you like this one or this one?!” She knows how to get me right in the crafty feels!

We bought beads, and necklace materials. I decided to also grab a pre-punched and buttoned leather bracelet, just for kicks.

For this bracelet I used coral colored flat shell beads and yellow 343m thread. It’s such a simple craft, what takes the most time is trying the knots! I basically started with one bead threaded it through the predrilled holes and tied it off. Then threading in the X shape using the next two, side by side, predrilled holes, tied that off and then went with another bead. Simple! And great for valentines day! I’m considering running a line of hot glue down the middle, just because I like the idea of stabilizing the thread because I’m like that. The whole thing cost under $10.00!! That’s even more exciting right!?!!

Give your wrist some xoxo lovin’!!


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