Getting to know Chia Seeds

Note: my cupkeiki was not a fan of this particular flavor, so: keiki tested and unapproved.

Ok, I’ve gone and done it…because curiosity got the best of me. What is it exactly? Chia Seeds. More precisely, chia seed pudding. I can remember all the north shore women going on and on about how they were in love with the new superfood and everyone had to try it, and would surly benefit from it….rrriiiggghhhhtttttt. Um, hello I’m the girl who says “no” to superfood fads (insert mental picture of acai berries). So what changed? I honestly don’t know. I read about it again recently and thought, “why not”. My manimal thought “why bother”…but he picked out a package at the grocery store a few days ago, unexpectedly. Sweet. Then I spent two days searching for the best sounding recipe; bonus to the ones that proudly stated their children went wild over it. Ok, well I didn’t make my cupkeiki a believer of this flavor, the manimal however was into it and would eat it again; as would the rest of the people in the house. You can’t win them all. Onto pictures and recipe! Oh and my apologies for the rather strange finished product pics…night lighting + iPhoto=no bueno for the sexy, ultra healthy snaps I was hoping for.

I used:
1/2 C. Chia Seeds (organic)
1/4 C. Agave (organic)
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 C. Coconut Milk (organic)
1 Tbs. Cocoa Powder

I did:
Whisked together the milk, vanilla, cocoa powder and agave, then added chia seeds in a medium sized bowl. Put into the refrigerator for 4 hours, stir well halfway through. Serve with some sort of deliciously desirable fruit on top, like pomegranate seeds, strawberry slices or blueberries add a few nuts for protein, if desired.

It fed: 6 small ramekins or about 1/2C. Per person.

Too easy to not try!! Next time, meaning tomorrow (I’m ambitious-and determined-to get my cupkeiki into this too) I’ll try with cows milk and no cocoa powder. Sweet!!





What perhaps made my evening and this experiment hilarious was my cupkeiki’s reaction to the taste. She quickly grabbed the wet cloth and started wiping her mouth out and then said, “I’m sorry mama, I don’t like your custard.” The sweetest letdown ever, haha.


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