Cupkeiki’s First Baking Experience

Today I suggested that my cupkeiki and manimal make a fun memory together. A memory I actually missed out on even witnessing because it “wasn’t my project”, I was informed by my manimal. That’s ok, these two needed this time together more than ever.

My cupkeiki and her dad used the recipe from Pamela Druckermans book, “Bringing UP Bebe” from page 77,

They added chocolate chips, as suggested, but next time we make this we will use fruit-it seems like fruit would be more appropriate for the type of cake it is. One of the reasons for choosing this cake was because the book explains how French children can easily master this cake by three. It’s described as an encouraged individual activity and I thought that it seemed really quite brilliant! We will make it again until she has it figured out on her own. It’s very tasty, very dense, and from my cupkeiki’s actions, fun to do.

I managed to sneak a few pics in, but was for the most part, encouraged to wait for my cake!









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