Windex to the Rescue


Yesterday I had one of those “oh bleep” moments. Someone in our busy household left permanent markers out…and my cupkeiki took note of them, literally, on the couch. YIKES!! After googling a quick search and holding my breath (the couch she adorned isn’t mine and is rather loved by its owner; hence the breath holding) I came across using Windex to remove it and immediately thought of the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”!

I squirted the Windex onto a dark colored kitchen towel, and blotted the ink spots, squirting more on to a dry area of the towel often so as to not soak the couch or spread the ink. To my relief, it did the trick!!!! Talk about overjoyed and happy to have escaped a sure death had it not worked! I also did a sweep through the house looking for any and all permanent markers and put them in a place my cupkeiki wouldn’t find them! I did get a little “you shouldn’t have let her get them” and “that isn’t going to work on that” from the manimal, but in the end;
“I can’t always know what people
leave around the house for my
curious kolohe to find, nor can I
prevent all of it. I can do my best to,
and certainly I can google strategies
to, fix little accidents but in this
household I can’t assume that
everyone else has a cupkeiki in
mind when they leave stuff around.”

Okay, so check out my before and after pics, and keep Windex on hand!!




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