Lesson Learned

Something’s are just…hhmmm…better purchased than made. Take for example, today’s attempt at DIY cough drops. Ya, they’re really just glass candy with some herbs mixed in *insert unhappy face*. I’m really not proud of myself for this experiment, I really wanted it to work out given 90% of my household is under a serious cough spell at the moment and I wanted to be the shinning beacon of house mama awesomeness…off to the store I go.

Here’s how it went down. I steeped two tea bags of choice into 1 cup of water over med. high heat for 20 min. Removed tea bags and added 1.5 C. Agave (this makes me most mad right here) and continued to stir for 30 min at med high heat, until thermometer registered 300 and a drop into ice water hardened and sank. Quickly I poured it into my pan coated in coconut oil (also not happy about) and watched the entire mixture do something strange. I gave that a few minutes and then cut through it all as quickly as I could (I used my niece too, she likes to do this stuff….I think). Now I have a ton of herbal glass candy I’m going to try and pass off as cough drops…maybe. Oh well, you live, you learn, you buy cough drops at the store!







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