Starting 2014


This morning, after having spent all of yesterday in bed with my cupkeiki-both of us sick- we ventured out to The Alley Cat cafe for a few hours, to relax, recuperate, and let our minds wander in books, colors and music. It was nice to do it and I was glad they were open so we could!

I ordered a hot cocoa for my cupkeiki, and the barista brought it to our table. We were both excited to discover the smiley face in the cream! Proof that sometimes it’s the little things, the things you don’t expect, and the things that don’t last physically but rather in memory that make little ventures so fun.

20140101-125058.jpgA dear friend of our family died early this morning. So there has been a little bit of reflection going round in my head, the reality that nothing is permanent never escapes me. My thoughts are focused on enjoying every moment, celebrating life and focusing on love and happiness. We never know how quickly everything can change; be it a new job or a death, and that realization should be a reminder to be you and be happy in all that you do.


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