I Took A Walk


This morning, instead of driving in the crazy snow, I decided to walk. It was an unbelievably well needed and beautiful walk too. There was so much silence in the air from all the snow it was nice and a great way to get a little workout in too!







DIY Heart Piñatas!


Looking for a fun craft for valentines day that both you and your keiki can do together? Look no further than this DIY from, wait for it, GLITTER GUIDE!! Yup, I’m in full on GlitterGuide DIYness!!

Today was a test run, to see just how well we could do this together. What I figured out is that until you’re ready to fill them, and use the glue, it’s pretty much just mama craft time. Which works, I’m certainly not complaining.

This was fun and easy and a great excuse to recycle an old card board box and bust out all the craft gear!! Check out the tutorial here: http://theglitterguide.com/2014/01/28/diy-mini-heart-pinatas/?slide=4#content

We used construction paper in place of tissue paper and this one was filled with crumpled paper, to keep it’s form. I can’t wait to make and fill more, with special little gifts! I’m thinking a project involving tiny rice hand warmers may be in the near future!!

Be sure to check out the link, or figure most of it out from my pictures below, it’s pretty simple, and get crafty!!

I used a heart shaped cookie cutter, from a set that I picked up at Target, for my shape. Traced it onto the cardboard and then cut out the hearts.

I measured two inches along a piece of brown construction paper, and cut that along the length of the paper, giving me a 2″x11″ strip. I made small cuts along both sides of the strip so that I could easily wrap the paper around the cardboard and used masking tape to hold it all in place.



Once that part was finished, I took purple and pink construction paper, cut them into 2″x4″ squares and made slits along the bottom edge, to add frill. We glued them on from bottom to top. After the glue set up, I trimmed the edges, to keep the Heart shape. I also cut 3 strips wide enough to conceal the edge of the heart, and using the cookie cutter, cut a solid heart for the back.





I think that for the next ones, I will use cute pattered tissue paper, and really make sure everything looks…as perfect as we can get it! I can’t wait to share how those work out with you all!


I braved the risk of removing my lens and flipped it around to get a macro shot of snowflakes this morning. I cringe every time I do this, out of fear that my beloved camera may never recover. Yet, almost every time I’ve done it, I’ve gotten a shot that makes me thankful for the courage to do so, and it also makes me appreciate the finite details of nature. Nature truly is amazing, and in it I feel like I know myself more, and my heart has this clarity that is indescribable. How mushy are my own feelings for nature!! Seriously though, one day I will have a real macro and I won’t have to torture my poor 9 yr old camera to get the shot!!

I found a quote, to share with the pictures, by Henry David Thoreau: “Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”

What a great quote! The pictures are far from the many perfect ones out there on the web, but that doesn’t matter to me, these are mine and perfect in their own way! Enjoy!




Shortbread Cookies


I said I’d post this recipe last week, and then I didn’t. We got busy doing other things and I never got around to turning the mighty desktop on. So here I am, ready to put off the wait…not that I believe anyone has been hanging by a nail waiting…and give out the recipe, the quick way. You see, I got the inspiration, and recipe, from GlitterGuide.com…no surprise I would subscribe to an online magazine that boasts the name “Glitter” in it!! I halved the recipe, and I also added a little cream cheese to my blueberry, instead of raspberry, filling. I think the cream cheese helped with the sweetness of the cookie. I hope you will go check out the recipe and make these delicious cookies for yourselves!! Here’s the link: http://theglitterguide.com/2014/01/23/recipe-file-raspberry-shortbread-cookies/














I don’t have photos of the filling process, that went by faster than the cookie process because we, and by we I mean my cupkeiki, discovered the joy of flying blueberry filling while using the mixer!! We really had a lot of fun baking together, a project that makes the best type of memories!

Getting to know Chia Seeds

Note: my cupkeiki was not a fan of this particular flavor, so: keiki tested and unapproved.

Ok, I’ve gone and done it…because curiosity got the best of me. What is it exactly? Chia Seeds. More precisely, chia seed pudding. I can remember all the north shore women going on and on about how they were in love with the new superfood and everyone had to try it, and would surly benefit from it….rrriiiggghhhhtttttt. Um, hello I’m the girl who says “no” to superfood fads (insert mental picture of acai berries). So what changed? I honestly don’t know. I read about it again recently and thought, “why not”. My manimal thought “why bother”…but he picked out a package at the grocery store a few days ago, unexpectedly. Sweet. Then I spent two days searching for the best sounding recipe; bonus to the ones that proudly stated their children went wild over it. Ok, well I didn’t make my cupkeiki a believer of this flavor, the manimal however was into it and would eat it again; as would the rest of the people in the house. You can’t win them all. Onto pictures and recipe! Oh and my apologies for the rather strange finished product pics…night lighting + iPhoto=no bueno for the sexy, ultra healthy snaps I was hoping for.

I used:
1/2 C. Chia Seeds (organic)
1/4 C. Agave (organic)
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 C. Coconut Milk (organic)
1 Tbs. Cocoa Powder

I did:
Whisked together the milk, vanilla, cocoa powder and agave, then added chia seeds in a medium sized bowl. Put into the refrigerator for 4 hours, stir well halfway through. Serve with some sort of deliciously desirable fruit on top, like pomegranate seeds, strawberry slices or blueberries add a few nuts for protein, if desired.

It fed: 6 small ramekins or about 1/2C. Per person.

Too easy to not try!! Next time, meaning tomorrow (I’m ambitious-and determined-to get my cupkeiki into this too) I’ll try with cows milk and no cocoa powder. Sweet!!





What perhaps made my evening and this experiment hilarious was my cupkeiki’s reaction to the taste. She quickly grabbed the wet cloth and started wiping her mouth out and then said, “I’m sorry mama, I don’t like your custard.” The sweetest letdown ever, haha.