DIY Glitter Ring

So my cupkeiki got this cute diy ring kit for Christmas. The kit (purchased at Target) came with clear resin/plastic rings of varied widths, paints, stickers and two brushes. She’s enjoyed it immensely…and so have I! I decided this morning to try adding my own creativeness to them. Using Mod Podge, fine glitter, a ring with a wide top and black paint I made a glitter ring that, knowing me, will be worn a lot; especially on New Years.

First thing I did: spread Mod Podge on just the top part, and inside, of the ring. Then I sprinkled my glitter across the Mod Podge. I let that dry, and then added a second layer of Mod Podge over the glitter. I left that to dry completely for about an hour. Then I coated the glitter surface with black paint (if I were to do this again, I would use white paint instead).


Go on, get glittered!!


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