Smile, get smooth


Today was my last surprise package day! I’ve gotten lots of fun things; nail polish, face masks, glitter and party stuff (my birthday was last week and I had a pretty rad party to celebrate!). Today’s package was a six pack of my favorite lip balm. When I lived in Hawaii I rarely used lip balm. When I moved to Colorado I discovered how necessary lip balm in a dry environment can be, also lotion. I also quickly figured out how easily little fingers can open a normal lip balm lid, and soon after came the discovery of eos (evolution of smooth) and their happy colored twist cap balms!! My cupkeiki loves this balm as much as I do, it makes lips smooth and smells (and tastes) pretty yummy. Plus, it’s USDA certified organic and doesn’t dry my lips out after a few days of non-use, like other brands can. It may seem silly to praise an organic beauty product, but my general feeling towards beauty is to keep it all organic, which in general means I don’t have a daily makeup routine. My belief is that my natural state is perfect. If I’m going to put a product on my skin, I don’t want it to contain a bunch of chemicals, that may or may not cause skin problems (as a teen I hated my appearance and tried to cover my imperfections up, but it never made me happy nor did it help my appearance) I want it simple and organic, containing ingredients I recognize.


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