DIY Glitter Ring

So my cupkeiki got this cute diy ring kit for Christmas. The kit (purchased at Target) came with clear resin/plastic rings of varied widths, paints, stickers and two brushes. She’s enjoyed it immensely…and so have I! I decided this morning to try adding my own creativeness to them. Using Mod Podge, fine glitter, a ring with a wide top and black paint I made a glitter ring that, knowing me, will be worn a lot; especially on New Years.

First thing I did: spread Mod Podge on just the top part, and inside, of the ring. Then I sprinkled my glitter across the Mod Podge. I let that dry, and then added a second layer of Mod Podge over the glitter. I left that to dry completely for about an hour. Then I coated the glitter surface with black paint (if I were to do this again, I would use white paint instead).


Go on, get glittered!!


DIY Snowflake Nails


Thanks to my niece for doing up my nails. It was pretty simple with a black stripper, and I added some of the OPI sparkle polis I got a few weeks back on top for some sparkle!

Final Christmas Dinner


Today we are hosting the last Christmas dinner of the year with my fathers side of the family. While I’m happy to see everyone, I’m also glad the holiday season is coming to a close (maybe because it means spring is somewhere close by!). This year, for all our families I made a mixed grain soup in a jar gift. They turned out looking rather festive and even if they sit on a shelf, at least they look good (I’m picturing those fancy oil jars with olives and tomatoes or peppers in them as a comparison).




I’ve got this girl…


She asks me randomly if I’m doing ok. She gives me snuggles by pulling my face to hers. She takes up three quarters of my bed, she snores louder than any kid I’ve ever known. She makes lots of art, on paper, walls, floors and herself. She’s honest, she’s pure. She’s a rascal, a kolohe for sure. She’s funny and charming, crafty and imaginative. She loves to be in charge, loves to take her time. She says “I love you” and it fills my heart. She says she’s angry and “doesn’t feel fancy anymore”. She makes me laugh, she makes me sigh. She tests boundaries I never knew existed, she makes me want to explore everything around us.

I’ve got this girl, and I’m her mama.

Blacklight fun

Over the weekend, I had a birthday party and three things made it a little more exciting: a black light, black light hairspray and a yellow highlighter (make your own black light tattoos just by drawing on yourself!!)! Cheers to my 29th year of living it up and loving, almost, every minute!



20131217-154843.jpgit’s a palm tree in case anyone is wondering!


We set up a dance floor and I literally danced for three hours straight, it was honestly the best feeling ever; at the time, but hell the following two days-every muscle in my body was SORE!! But it was so worth it!