Do you see it?

My cupkeiki has decided that pomegranate is rather awesome. I bought her one this afternoon after she asked for a “pompom”; so cute right?! Anyway, I cut it open the hard way, but discovered this subtle “ohm” in the process. A great reminder that I needed today. Do you see it too?


I guess the great thing about art is that, there is a lot that can be interpreted or seen in any one thing!


A few warm weather thoughts

I’m missing the ocean, beaches, trade winds and warm sands right about now!! A shaka in the afternoon sun helps a little right?

I’m still loving my polkadot nails!

And I’ve decided that only way to cheer up these chilly days is to give my toes a bright bright color!

Boom Boom by Sinful Colors

I’m going to have to browse Instagram for a while and get my Hawaii fix that way, or maybe watch Blue Crush…hhhmmmm or maybe both, hehehe.

A reason

Every year there’s lots to be thankful for, lots to reflect on and lots to think about/aim for, for the upcoming year. I don’t like to participate, too much, in the social medias attempt to list/photograph my everyday thanks for a month; that’s what this blog is about all year long. Thanks to everyone who checks out this silly little blog that I adore. Thanks to my cupkeiki and my camera for helping/inspiring me to do this.


Festive Nails!


We decided to spend a little time yesterday having fun with nail polish. My cupkeiki wanted lots of colors, we settled on three. I decided I needed to try my hand at Polk a dot nails. It was fun, took lots of time and certainly isn’t perfect-but perfection wasn’t the goal.