We Got Shot


Today I had a wellness exam, and a first meeting with my new doctor, whom I wrote about a while back (he happens to also be my cupkeiki’s doctor) and when the question of flu shots came up, I chimed “we’d love to get them this year!” Um….hold up, did that just come out of my mouth?! Right, I’m afraid of needles. I panic, sweat, can’t talk or think straight, attempt to find the nearest escape route despite the fact that I’ve given consent to have my body attacked by a tiny sharp instrument that I’d like to go all Bruce Lee on. I know it’s good for me, for us, so I put my best “this is going to be great” face on for the cupkeiki and try to act cool and calm for the whole thing…and you know what?? When it was her turn she wasn’t nearly as freaked out as I expected. She was more concerned with being laid out on the bed and left alone-which she wasn’t. Oh happy day! Hooray for flu shots, hooray for staying healthy!


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