Cupkeiki Picks


We’ve been exploring the library, picking three books at a time. Yesterday my cupkeiki enthusiastically chose two fun reads, and I chose one. My cupkeiki has really been enjoying reading over and over, “Gideon & Otto” by Oliver Dunrea. The story about the cute ruddy gosling Gideon and his favorite friend Otto. She also chose “Samantha on a Roll” by Linda Ashman. She was excited about this one because lately her thing has been skating. Everywhere we go, she ends up imagining she’s skating. The story is about curious Samantha who slips on skates, despite her mothers objection, and goes for a wild roll about town. Our third read hasn’t captivated my cupkeiki nearly as much as I thought it might. Perhaps that is because, in my opinion, it requires a bit more understanding of topics like, having more versus enough. The book is called, “Rain Brings Frogs” by Maryann Cocca-Leffler. It’s still a fun read, even if the subject matter is still a little beyond my cupkeiki’s understanding.


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