Cabbage Leaf Bandwagon


I’m now a true believer, after only 20 minutes, of cabbage leaf compression for breast engorgement. My last post was about weaning, what I chose to leave out were the more painful details and how I’ve been dealing with it.

When I first started nursing, two years ago, I got mastitis-twice. Nothing to brag about right? Except I had 105degree temperature, onset of seizures, I could barely function and I had a newborn. Scary. No wait…double scary. I was treated for it, twice and both times I was also subsequently treated for Clostridium Difficile, if you don’t know what it is google it…it’s not fun at all.

Back to nursing though. I made it through the rough stuff and came out as a happy, beaming nursing mother who had a profound appreciation for mothers around the world who nurse, seriously. Flash forward to today, where I’ve been weaning for a week now, and everything is going great-except for my boobs-actually except for the trouble boob (the rebel who got mastitis twice). I’ve tried pumping, just a little. Hot showers,which are nice but not doing the trick. I’m in pain with a blocked duct I suspect and it’s annoying. I can’t even touch it without jumping and wincing. I pump, massage, I beg, plead, and bargain with the rebel not to get sick again. I remembered reading about cabbage leaf compression. A nurse at the hospital told me two years ago to try it. So this morning I picked out a happy leaf and laid it across my angry boob-going on 30 min later and while still painful, I’m not jumping at even a fingertips touch! I’ll keep on with this throughout the day, along with a pump if necessary. It’s quite incredible, the work that goes into being a breastfeeding mother. Hats off to all the mothers that have been there or are there. What an incredible and humbling experience.

Here’s some info on cabbage leaf compression, usage, history, precautions:

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