Happy Halloween! This morning my cupkeiki got dressed up in her giraffe costume, we hopped into the bike and headed toward Old Town for the tiny tot trick or treat. I was excited for my cupkeiki to hang out with other kids, be excited over all the costumes and just have a good time. What really happened, what I hadn’t expected to have happen, was my cupkeiki telling me “I’m getting nervous mama, I want to go home.” She pulled us out of the line, toward a bench and climbed to my lap and snuggled up. She pointed at costumes, and we sat there for a while until she decided she just wanted to walk around and look at the costumes. She didn’t want the candy if it meant standing in a long line. While all of this was happening I thought, maybe I just need to keep her focused on the prizes…then I looked off to the side and saw a mother of two struggling with her own children who looked unhappy and I thought, “you know, that’s not what I want and that’s not why we are here.” I could actually kiss my cupkeiki for not caring about filling her bag full of goodies today (I imagine in years to come she will understand the reason for standing in line telling strangers a goofy one liner for candy) because in the end that wasn’t what today really needed to be about. Today was just about getting out and seeing all the great costumes (there was a new mama who dressed her maybe two month old in a chicken costume and I almost died at the adorableness of it!). I would never force her to do something she didn’t want, and for being two, I’m happy that she could tell me what she needed instead of having a total meltdown in public and an unhappy rest of the day. I secretly hope that the mother who was struggling to get her children to fall inline realized just how little it matters that candy bags were filled and how important it was just to be having a good time.

Thanks to the shops in Old Town, the Larimer County Police Department and the City of Fort Collins for making today a fun and safe event for all the children. I’m looking forward to next year!

Be safe today, and have fun!



Cold Weather Walks


Just because the weather is super cold doesn’t mean you should avoid getting a daily walk in. Lucky for me, my cupkeiki loves walking in the snow. We bundled up and went out for a little walk in what is left of last nights dusting.



20131030-112030.jpgthe yellows and reds of the leaves really stick out against the grey sky today, it makes the foliage seem almost ominous compared to a bright blue day.


My niece and sister-in- law wear makeup almost daily. As for myself, well I’ve never been a heavy makeup wearer. Eyeshadow was my “dressed up” look and I’ve only within the last year bought, almost reluctantly, a thing of mascara. That being said, my cupkeiki loves to watch the girls get dressed up in their makeup; and to put it on herself and me every chance she gets.

Today I got the hair and makeup treatment. She really had fun putting colors on my eyes, using a paint brush and saying “looks good mama!” I looked like I got punched a couple times, but for her I’d do just about anything and it was fun.



20131029-210158.jpgI love her smile, it made the whole thing worth it-like fireworks after a parade.

Cheers to Lazy Saturdays


Today was the last day for the farmers market. Our CSA ended a few weeks ago, but we went down anyway this morning and picked up some kale, onion and carrots from a different group. We got home and went into lazy mode, a great way to spend a fall Saturday, in my opinion.


p.s. That’s yet another new nail color in the first picture, Coral Reef by Sally Hansen