“I love you through and through.”


My cupkeiki and I spent some time in old town yesterday, it was so nice out that we needed to take advantage of it. We spent a lot of time at Oak Street Plaza, where there were hardly any children, yet the fountains were still running-score for the cupkeiki, all that water to herself!! Before that, we went to the Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys shop. There we picked out a new set of temp. Tattoos and a new book for our library! We are both really enjoying our new book, it’s bilingual so my cupkeiki is having fun with new words and the illustrations are adorable! The book is called: “I love you through and through.” “Te quiero, yo te quiero”, and it’s by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak and Illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church.

I’m sure every parent is already well aware of the importance of reading to their child. The brain develops the most from birth to five years, what an important thing to keep in mind! Read, read, read! In this age of technology it’s easy to find all sorts of ways to stimulate a child’s mind electronically, but I personally feel it’s important to also encourage our children to pick up a book, hold it in their hands, point things out and let their minds be stimulated by the words and the pictures. I truly believe that a book can open the door toward imaginative, creative and smarter children better than any electronic app out there.





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