CSA Saturday: Weird

I’m pretty sure this tomato could sum up my experience at the market today:


Talk about an empty market day. Very few vendors, very few shoppers. The recent flooding has really impacted the state of things. While talking to our farmer, Eli, he said; “it’s just got to stop, the crops can’t handle anymore”. Yet, as we talked dark clouds made their way into town and what was left of sunlight was quickly tucked away. We can all hope for a break in the weather. In some ways it’s a blessing; in others it’s a curse. Farmers north and east of the front range have had their crops devastated. Entire fields, entire towns are under water. Family and friends are being evacuated in the small town I’m from as the Platte river becomes over burdened with the load brought down from the mighty Big Thompson. If you haven’t seen the videos I encourage you to do so, YouTube it or Google it. It’s amazing the force nature has over our lives. I’ve learned this lesson many times on the Big Island and in Hawaii in general, but every time I’m blown away by the power. I’m thankful that Fort Collins wasn’t nearly as impacted as other communities and towns and my heart goes out to everyone who is about to begin their journey toward cleaning up and rebuilding.

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