Healthy Monday


that’s me, sleepy eyed and ready to workout!

My cousin/ sister-in-law (it’s strange but basically I fell in love with her husbands brother-it’s all legit) and I have been on a health kick. A “get back into a normal regime of eating and working out, together.” I love having someone to workout with, it keeps me motivated and the company is great!

Part of our “diet” if you will is to start controlling our portions, keeping an eye on sugars and making daily workouts (yes, more than one) a must rather than an option. Easy enough. I should say that I truly don’t believe in dieting. I think it’s a negative thing and I’ve watched myself and others spiral out of control with their nutrition and physical health by doing the most popular fads. We have to learn to love and accept our bodies before we can truly help make positive, lifelong changes for ourselves. I say diet with a wholly healthy approach to food and body image and see it more as staying as positive about both as possible.

We started our morning with a half hour of yoga. I’m totally new to it, but JP isn’t, she used to attend classes regularly so she knows how to do lots of the poses. Before we even started though, we both ate a delicious western slope FireStone peach, and a small cup of tea…they really helped get the energy going.

Afterward, I took 2 bananas, 3 heaping spoonfuls of yogurt, 1 C. Santa Cruz Organic Mango orange juice, 1/2C. Whole Milk, 1 large tbs Organic honey, a pinch of cinnamon, put it all in a large blender cup, filled the rest of the cup up with water and blended. It was pretty delicious and paired with a protein bar, rather balanced.

So cheers to the start of the week and to our beautiful bodies!


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