Somewhere between construction and housewife…


Wow! Here I am, it’s Thursday and my body aches from playing construction lady and landscaper! It feels good to be in pain though, lots of muscles being used more rigorously than usual.


On top of that, I’ve celebrated my cupkeiki’s second year of life, which is exciting, right! What parent isn’t proud to say, ” yay we made it another year”?! I’m a happy mama right now! I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned as a parent over the last year and there has been a lot. To break it down, and impart some parental wisdom however, here are a few key points: 1. Stop worrying and start living. You can’t worry about what could happen, you just have to let them (your keiki that is) go for it, whatever it is. You have to also not get caught up in the ideal parenting conundrum. I’ve learned that everyone does it differently, stop worrying about how you’re doing it and just do what’s best for your keiki! 2. It’s ok to hide in a bathroom, pantry or closet for a couple of minutes when things start getting a little too crazy. Sometimes parents need a little time out to get back in order. 3. Forget all the “enjoy this moment because it goes quickly” thinkers. Hey, you know what- sometimes this moment isn’t so great and I’m going to deal with it and move on, life isn’t about holding on to each and every moment, it’s about enjoying the good, learning from the bad and celebrating when you can!


I baked up a super moist and dense chocolate zucchini cake for my cupkeiki’s birthday. I was nervous, there are veggies in it, but she gobbled it down and asked for more, so I’ll share the recipe in another post.


I realized that I didn’t post veggie pics from Saturday as I was picking up veggies yesterday. There will only be a fruit pick up this Saturday, so here are my wonderful CSA Saturday pics!








There’s lots going on and I’m feeling good and a little overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle on my end but it’s ok, there could be worse things happening and I’m fortunate that isn’t the case!

Happy Thursday!

(Thanks to my brother-in-law for the goofy face and my friend Alfonso giving the shaka, who celebrated his birthday last Saturday, for the great pic!)


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